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Power Wheelchairs
A power wheelchair is appropriate if you are unable to propel a manual wheelchair or if you need to reduce the strain on your shoulders and arms so you can continue to perform transfers safely. The choice of power chair will depend on many factors, including the kind of surface conditions the chair will be driven, the need to negotiate thresholds and curbs, and clearance widths in your environment.

Power Wheelchair Components
The power wheelchair base is the lower portion of a power wheelchair that houses the motors, batteries, drive wheels, casters and electronics to which a seating system is attached. It is classified according to drive wheel location relative to the system’s center of gravity.

Mid wheel Drive Power wheelchairs
The drive wheels are directly below the user’s center of gravity. It has a smaller turning radius, making it very effective for indoor mobility.

Rear-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs
The drive wheels are behind the user’s center of gravity, and the casters are in the front. It has predictable drive characteristics and stability but can be difficult to maneuver in tight places because of its larger turning radius.

Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs
Have good indoor maneuverability. The overall turning radius is about 25 to 28", depending on the manufacturer. Large wheels are mounted ahead of seating area which allows the chair to go over tougher terrain.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs
The Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs offer wider seat widths and carry more weight capacity. The Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs or Bariatric Wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any user with its weight capacities up to 700 lbs and seat sizes up to 30".

Power Wheelchair Seating and Positioning
Seating and positioning are a critical part of your wheelchair and have an important role in your comfort, function, safety, and health. Your seating system should be prescribed and designed specific to your medical, functional, and personal preference needs. Skin integrity and pressure relief should be considered during the seating evaluation. We have trained and certified professionals to assist you during this process.


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